A patent pending advanced organization system providing users a customized solution to improve the management of medical devices throughout the entire perioperative process.

Surgical Case Modular Design
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Customized Layout

The EZ-Trax Efficiency

(Patent Pending)

space efficient cases
Efficient Surgical Case Space Saving Surgical Case Cost Saving Surgical Case

Project Scope
Consolidated and customized a Total Shoulder Replacement system to accommodate the surgeon’s surgical technique requirements to provide processing and handling efficiency solutions for the transition from the Hospital (inpatient) to ASC (outpatient).


Customization Options

The EZ-TRAX™ System delivers the required attributes for reusable medical device packaging systems including biocompatibility, chemical resistance and dimensional stability.



EZ-TRAX™ offers a range of standard and premium colors to code your medical device organization layouts.



EZ-TRAX™ has you covered with a range of industry standard materials including thermoplastic, aluminum and standard plastic.

case options


EZ-TRAX™ has a range of standard case sizes to fit all of your surgical prep needs.

case with and without insert

The Ez-Trax Modular Design

Allows OEM efficiency teams, and Orthopedic/Spine/Trauma Representatives to customize sets to each individual surgeon's preferences.

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